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Celtics Re-sign Marquis Daniels

"Blame it on the rain, yeah, yeah"
"Blame it on the rain, yeah, yeah"

Marquis Daniels agrees to 1-year deal with Celtics -

Marquis Daniels, hoping for a fresh restart with the Celtics [team stats] after an injury-plagued 2009-10 season, just agreed to terms with his old team on his second straight one-year contract - this time a $2.5 million deal.

At the beginning of the offseason I really wouldn't have seen this happening. But as the days passed and the free agents went elsewhere and we kept hearing names that were out there, few of them seemed like a better fit than Marquis Daniels.

In fact, the larger question for me was if Marquis would want to come back to the team that essentially benched him for Tony Allen. Turns out he did, and with Allen out of the way, perhaps he can have the kind of season he was hoping for last year. He's got another 1 year deal and if he has a good season, he might be able to cash in on the free agent market next year. That seems to be his agent's plan.

"He's a $5 million or $6 million player when he's healthy," said Bartelstein. "So we'll do this now. He loves the team. He loves playing for Doc (Rivers), and he loves the guys. And then we'll see what happens next summer."

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