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SBNation: Ainge is 8th Best GM

Ranking All 30 NBA GMs, Where Kahn's Incompetence Is Surpassed -

Ainge provides a lesson for all of us when wondering about the madness of GMs like David Kahn who seemingly are always rebuilding. When he arrived in Boston, Ainge saw a marginal team and was determined to tear it down, even if it took a while for fans to ultimately see the fruits of his labor. He kept stockpiling draft picks, building up their value by playing them and biding his time until the right opportunity came along. Eventually, it came, and it led to a title.

Shockingly David Kahn didn't rank dead last in the GM list.  That "honor" went to Larry Legend himself.

Amusingly, Matt Moore blames the "arms race" (see LeBron and now Chris Paul) on the Celtics.  In fact, he traces it all the way back to Joe Barry Carroll.

Chris Paul is simply the latest consumer of the NBA arms race that started in Boston

And then the arms race began. In reality, we can trace all of this back to Joe Barry Carroll. Carroll was such an attractive first round pick that the Warriors traded the rights to the third-overall pick to Boston. While Carroll would wind up flittering in and out of the league and Italy, the Celtics would use that third-overall on Kevin McHale in 1980. 27 years later, McHale would trade Kevin Garnett to the Celtics for a platter of players, the crown jewel of which was just traded for a series of late first-round picks. 

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