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Rasheed Wallace: The Magic Bullet?

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Could Rasheed Wallace help us in retirement more than he did in playing?  Maybe.

Steve Bulpett - 

Sources indicated that Danny Ainge and the Celts are seeing what they might be able to work out with Rasheed Wallace’s contract. The club could conceivably deal him and something else for a key piece and let him retire with another club, thereby giving the other team the benefit of the relief that would come from his expected retirement and buyout.

Rasheed's contract for next year is about $6.3M.  The Celtics can trade him and take back 125% of his salary, or up to $7.9M.  The Celtics could even include as much as $3M in cash to offset some of the cost of buying out Sheed if the two sides agreed upon it.

So, who do you want the Celtics to go after with this deal?  Who do you realistically think they can get?