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5 Reasons To Pay Attention To Summer League

A lot is still up in the air, and my math is probably a little fuzzy, but if the offseason plays out like I'm expecting, we could have up to 5 roster spots available for Danny Ainge to fill in with cheap talent.

We've got KG, Rondo, Perkins, Baby, Bradley, and Erden under contract.  Pierce will be official on Thursday.  So that's just 7 slots so far.  Say we re-sign Ray and trade Sheed for a single player then use the MLE for a single player.  That takes us to a roster of 10 players with no money left to spend outside the minimum.

Tony Allen will get a long look and there's a chance we could split the MLE between two players or perhaps get a multiple player package in exchange for Sheed.  There's an outside chance that we'll bring back some other guys from last year's roster but I wouldn't hold my breath.

Translation:  I'd give Harangody a great shot to make the team and some of his summer league teammates might just join him.  Oliver Lafayette and Tony Gaffney each participated in the ride-along program for last year's Finals.  With the lack of depth at center you have to wonder if rebounding specialist Artsiom Parakhouski will get a look.

Keep in mind that the team can field a minimum roster of 12 players and leave 3 spots open.  With that said, it would be sensible for the team to give a couple players non-guaranteed contracts so that if a free agent we like becomes available mid-season, we could have the option of picking that player up.

The chances of any of the guys playing in the Summer League earning a spot in the post-season rotation are pretty slim.  However, if Doc wants to preserve the ever-aging legs of our top of the rotation guys, someone in this group might have to step in and eat some minutes.

Note: After writing this I caught my first glimpse at the Summer League action on NBATV.  And I'm thinking maybe re-tread NBA vets at the Vet minimum don't sound quite so bad after all.

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