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And Now For Some Really Big News: Tony Allen Re-Signing

Psst, he's talking about me back here.
Psst, he's talking about me back here.

"The Decision" has been made.  Tony Allen will be back turning the ball over and forcing turnovers for the Boston Celtics once again.

Tony Allen will re-sign with Boston

According to CSNNE's Greg Dickerson, free agent Tony Allen will re-sign with Boston. Dickerson broke the news while co-hosting Sports Tonight on Thursday. "I'm told that Tony Allen's not going anywhere," Dickerson said. "He's staying here." Details of the deal were not discussed. 

Hopefully it will be for one of those ever-popular 2 year deals.

We will update you with reaction from around the league as it becomes available.

(and now for reasons that have nothing to do with search results, ...LeBron James)

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