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One More Piece?

With Wallace waived (still hoping to hear about the details around that) and Harangody signed, the heavy lifting is done for the offseason but the Celtics still have one roster spot left. With only Von Wafer and Marquis Daniels backing up Ray Allen and Paul Pierce, it sounds like Danny and Doc would like one more shooter off the bench.

Rasheed Wallace era ends with waive -

"One more piece is possible," Ainge said. "I like the pieces we have at this stage and would be happy going into training camp with this team. It is possible though we could add another player, most likely for the veteran’s minimum. Possibly a trade, but the most likely scenario is for the veteran’s minimum."

"I've been saying that for two years. Shooting is just a commodity and we would like one more," Rivers said. "It's going to be tough to get, honestly."

As far as I'm concerned, there are a few options left to the Celtics.

Best case scenario: Trade for Rudy Fernandez - the talks with the Blazers appear to have been stalled and Portland isn't getting what they want from the Bulls or Knicks either. Danny successfully waited for Shaq's price to drop and he may be doing the same here with the Blazers. Smart move in my opinion. The question is, at what cost? They are likely looking for (at minimum) a 1st round pick. He's probably worth that, but is he worth more than that?

Next best plan: Sign Delonte West (after a through evaluation of course). He's not tall enough to guard 3's but he can shoot ...the ball that is.

Less than ideal backup plan: Sign Larry Hughes. I know, I know, his shot selection is terrible and he's overrated as a defender, but you could do worse from the 3rd wing off the bench.

Punt till later plan: As Ainge mentioned, the team could just go with what they've got and see how the regular season plays out. In fact, they could carry Tony Gaffney on the roster as insurance and on a partially guaranteed contract. If Von and Quisey bounce back with good years this year, great. If not, you can still try to go out and grab someone off the scrap heap or trade for someone. I just don't think that they could get someone as good as Delonte in this scenario.

So what would you do with the last roster spot?

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