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What, Me Worry?

Now you see me, now you...
Now you see me, now you...

So let me get this straight.  Rajon Rondo may or may not have been cut from an exhibition team that he was not all that excited about joining in the first place (and that many stars backed out of to begin with) and plays a style of basketball that isn't a good fit for his game, and I'm supposed to be broken up about it?

Honestly, I wasn't all that worried about him getting injured.  The risk of injury is always going to be there no matter how he trains this summer.  That stuff happens, it just won't happen on Team USA's watch this time around.

But the end result is that he'll get to train at his own pace in his own offseason routine for the rest of the summer.  Or perhaps even better yet, he'll be able to show up to Waltham and work out with the team there.

Rondo struggled against international competition because he's not a marksman shooter.  Perhaps he'll be better served by hoisting up an extra 2,000 shots a day rather than breaking down game-film on "whoever Australia's point guard is."

The only worry here is based on pure speculation and hearsay.  News like this (in a pocket of the summer where there's literally nothing else going on) gives people like Peter May an excuse to drudge up irrelevant tales of past failures.  It gives other people a chance to speculate that Rondo must be some kind of headcase troublemaker (despite being popular with teammates and praised effusively by the coaching staff).

Excuse me if I don't jump off the bandwagon of a guy that has quarterbacked a team to two Finals appearances in his 4 years in the NBA (with one ring).  He's got his Achilles heel jumper but he's managed to do pretty well despite that.  As he keeps growing, he'll get better at it or find better ways of coping with it.

Would it have been a nice thing for him to be on the team and get a little extra exposure and maybe have some fun with Team USA?  Sure.  It is never a bad thing to represent your country and spread some goodwill and all that.  But at the end of the day I'm just more interested in the Celtics than the non-Olympic games they are playing this summer.

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