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Blazers Still Looking To Trade Rudy

In today's "yup, the sky is still blue" news, the Blazers are still looking to trade Rudy Fernandez.  The Blazers Edge has transcribed an interview with new GM Rich Cho and he responds to some questions about Rudy below.

Are you still looking into trades for Rudy Fernandez?

"I've talked to a lot of teams. I don't want to get into specific trade talks. The whole Rudy issue is out there so I will speak to it a little bit. I have been active in talking to a lot of teams."

Would you consider releasing Rudy Fernandez's rights?

"We won't release his rights."

Not even an option?

"No, that's not an option right now."

The implication is that he can forget about heading back to Europe. The Blazers have him under contract and are not willing to give away an asset like that for nothing.  Meanwhile, Danny Ainge is patiently waiting and watching the price drop.

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