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Semih Erden Watch

With Rondo out of the Worlds, Semih Erden is the only Celtic playing competitive basketball.  So here's an update on how he's doing from Chris Forsberg.

Erden Watch: Ivory Coast, Russia - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

On Saturday, Erden registered six points on 2-of-6 shooting with four rebounds and a block over 19 minutes off the bench in an 86-47 thrashing of Ivory Coast. On Sunday, Erden chipped in nine points on 3-of-6 shooting with five rebounds, and a block over 20 reserve minutes in a 65-56 triumph over Russia. Erden did lead his team in turnovers both nights (three in each game).

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And in related news, SLAM Online lists the top 50 FIBA players.  Semih does not appear on the list.  In fact, he doesn't even show up in the honorable mention part.  A few of his Turkey teammates do make the list.  Including Omer Asik.  The note on him mentions Erden and it isn't favorable:

Omer Asik, Turkey: Don't get he and his also-NBA-bound teammate Semih Erden confused. Asik (Bulls) is the one who actually belongs in the League. The Celtics will soon learn that Erden does not.

With the O'Neal brothers in town plus Kendrick Perkins (when he returns), I'm not sure Mr. Erden is going to be on the active roster too many times this season.  He may be spending some extra time with Danny's son in Maine.

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