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30Q: Do Gaffney or Lafayette Have A Shot?

Most are taking it as a given that Tony Gaffney and Oliver Lafayette are the first cuts after training camp. However, Ainge has stressed to the media and to them (and their agents) that the best 15 players will make the roster. That means he might be willing to cut a guaranteed contract if that guy gets beat out.

Twitter / A. Sherrod Blakely

t. Gaffney also said that D. Ainge told his agent despite all the C's signings, the best 15 would be on the roster.

Tony and Oliver were busy playing with students at a charity basketball clinic for kids.

Community Corner: Transform Blackstone - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

Quizzed on the parts of his game that could help him make the Celtics' roster this fall, Tony Gaffney had just finished discussing with reporters his defense-first mentality when a ball-hawking elementary student sneaked up behind him and picked his pocket. Clearly, the students at the basketball clinic that Gaffney and fellow roster hopeful Oliver Lafayette were leading Friday were paying attention.

But do they really have a shot at making the roster? The 6'8" Gaffney in particular might fill a need at backup small forward. And if one or both of them makes it, who gets cut?

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