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Celtics Laid Off Clifford Ray

It has already been reported that Clifford Ray would not be returning to the team, but it was unreported who made that decision.  It sounds like it was the Celtics decision.  Julian Benbow of the Globe reports.

However, Ray's teaching days in Boston came to an end; he found out last month the Celtics weren't bringing him back. 

Ray doubts he'll land another job in the league, especially with the start of the season so close. He'll spend time with his girlfriend, Mary, and his 11-year-old son Everett.

"There's nothing I can do besides go home,'' Ray said.

This news makes me pretty sad and disappointed honestly.  I'm not sure what the rationale is behind the decision.  It isn't as though the team needs to pinch pennies on his salary.  Every single report I've ever read about him indicates that he's extremely well liked and respected by the players.  Just read the rest of Julian's story for a sampling of player quotes.

Perhaps the team thought he wasn't much use any longer, since his forte is working with young bigs and Perkins is by all measures a veteran now and even Big Baby is pretty well grown up.  It would appear that the team didn't feel like keeping Ray around just to be Erden's personal tutor.

Regardless, he'll be missed. I never had the pleasure of meeting him during his tenure in Boston, but I wish him well.

Besides, as Red's Army points out - he's the most interesting man in the world.

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