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Ainge Pleased With Workouts

Hopefuls stage a talent show for Ainge - The Boston Globe

"McCants looked really good,’’ Ainge said. "He shot the ball well, he competed at a high level. I’m really surprised that he’s not in the NBA right now. "Same with Adam Morrison, making shots, making passes. The guys looked hungry, they looked fit. And that’s with Hassell and Mobley, too. Mobley, for being out of basketball the last couple years, the guy really knows how to play.’’

The name that interests me the most is Rashad McCants just because he's got such talent and even some history as Garnett's teammate.  He hasn't been able to make the best use of that talent but that's why he's available this late in the offseason.  It also fits the profile of guys that Danny brings in for camp invites.  Remember Darius Miles?

Oh yeah, and going along with the carnival like theme of the offseason, McCants used to date Khloe Kardashian (now the wife of Lamar Odom).  So there's that.

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