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Scalabrine May Be A Bulls Cheerleader

Long live Air Intangibles!
Long live Air Intangibles!

The Celtics could use some depth at the 3 to back up Paul Pierce, but Brian Scalabrine doesn't seem to be in their plans headed into camp.  So he may be taking his talents to the Second City.  Sam Smith has the scoop (hat tip Paul Flannery)

I think Finley is too old at this point, but Scalabrine is a guy the Bulls have talked with a lot this summer and especially with Thibodeau I can see him as possible depending on what goes on regarding Fernandez.... You need a good team guy willing to root a lot and Scalabrine would be that.

To be fair to Scal, Flannery wisely points out the following:

New coaches often bring former players with them to help implement their system and Scalabrine wouldn't be a bad resource for Tom Thibodeau. The Bulls also have roster spots available.

Regardless, I'll miss Scalabrine.  Not necessarily for his on-court productivity, but moreso for his wit and good naturedness.  I guess I'm still holding out hope he'll come back as an assistant coach.  If he wants to keep playing, more power to him, but when he's done, I think he'll have a home in Boston.

Long live Air Intangibles!

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