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Perkins' Health Is Key

David Aldridge ranks Kendrick Perkins' injury as one of the key health issues to watch this season.

The Celtics have all-too-familiar experience with knee injuries suffered by big men in recent years, having lost Kevin Garnett for the playoffs in '09 and Leon Powe early in that postseason, too. Perkins underwent successful surgery in July but will be a spectator until at least the All-Star break, and even then, the likelihood he'll make much of a contribution this season is small.

This puts voice to one of those nagging worries in my head.  What if the law offices of O'Neal and O'Neal are past their prime?  What if Kendrick isn't even 80% in late Spring?  He was a lot less effective on the boards last year and that was just with a nagging leg.  What's going to happen on a rehabbing leg?

Am I worrying too much?  Perhaps.  But wait a minute and my mood will change.  It is just one of those things that gives me pause.  Like a brain freeze when guzzling too much Kool-Aid.

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