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30Q: What's Plan B If Marquis Gets Hurt?

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The most glaring weakness on this team is the depth at small forward.  Chris Forsberg sums it up nicely.

Roster rundown: Grand Marquis - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

Behind Paul Pierce, Daniels is essentially the only other true small forward on Boston's roster (not including Tony Gaffney, who could still win a job at camp). An injury to Daniels forces the Celtics to jam a square peg in a round hole by shuffling the likes of Von Wafer or Luke Harangody to the 3 (though Harangody will likely get a chance to show he can handle that spot thanks to a roster log-jam in the frontcourt, particularly once Kendrick Perkins is healthy). 

That is reason for a little bit of concern, especially when you factor in Paul's age and propensity to miss a few weeks at a time each year.

With that said, is sure is nice to have the 3rd string small forward be the primary concern heading into training camp.