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Report: Avery Bradley Won't Be Ready for Start of Camp

From Chris Forsberg of ESPN Boston:

Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge indicated Thursday that rookie guard Avery Bradley is still in the final stages of recovery from ankle surgery and is not expected to be ready when training camp opens Tuesday.

"I don't think Avery will be ready for training camp," Ainge said before teeing off at the team's 3rd annual Shamrock Classic at Granite Links. "He's a couple weeks away, at least."

It's unfortunate news, mainly because so many of us were looking forward to finally seeing Bradley play. Aside from the die-hard Texas Longhorns fans, I don't think many of us have all that much of an idea of how Bradley actually operates on the court. We've read the reports that he's an NBA-caliber defender, and we've seen the YouTube videos that feature his mid-range jump shot, but we're still waiting to see how all of that actually translates to the professional level. 

Watching Bradley play was going to be one of the highlights of this year's preseason, and he probably would have seen plenty of time, given the limited playing time the veterans on the team will most likely see (unless Doc plans on playing those guys more minutes in an effort to help them all gel faster). Training camp opens Tuesday, the 28th, and the team's first preseason game comes eight days later on October 6 against the Philadelphia 76ers. The preseason concludes on October 20, so there is still a chance we might see Bradley in the latter stages of it.

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