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Training Camp Approaches

Do you hear that sound?  No, not the squeaking of basketball sneakers or the bouncing of the ball on the gym floor.  It is the sound of fingers flying across keyboards and digital recorders playing back quotes hastily jotted down for a deadline.

As daily readers of anything Celtics, we now have to shift from "seeking" to "skimming."   For weeks we've searched high and low for anything semi-related to basketball and Beantown.  Now the links are starting in earnest and once Media Day hits, we'll be super-saturated with reading material that we'll have to sift through.  And with the media folk using twitter and blogs more effectively, the quotes, anecdotes, and rumors are getting to use even faster and from more directions than ever before.

All I can say is "bring it on."

Don't misunderstand, for the most part I've been pretty entertained with this offseason.  After recovering from game 7, it has been a non-stop news gravy train that keeps on giving.  The Draft, The Decision, The Big Shamrock, the list goes on.  In truth, it has only been the last few weeks that we've had little or nothing to discuss.

But it will be really nice to see them lace 'em up, put on those new jerseys, and hit the hardwood again.  Then all those writers and media personalities will have something new to talk about and we'll have something new to discuss and debate here on the blog.

I don't know about you, but I'm getting excited.  I'm almost giddy.  Who's ready for camp?!

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