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Technically Speaking

That's a technical.
That's a technical.

The league is apparently going to start cracking down on the complaining about calls. We've seen this before. A couple years ago the league put in similar guidelines for the refs and a big deal was made about it at the beginning of the season and soon after it was old news and forgotten about (and nothing really changed). So I'm not terribly worried.

On the other hand, if they enforce these guidelines all year, we could break all kinds of records. Even with Sheed gone and Perkins sidelined for half a year, this could get ugly.

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The Celtics led the league last year with 107 technical fouls (six more than Orlando). The year before that, they rung up a league-high 117 techs (14 more than the Suns). And in the first year of the Big 3, they were hit with 97 techs (15 fewer than the Pacers for second most).

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