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New Rule Strengthens Bond Between NBA and D-League

The D-League still isn't going to be like the baseball minor leagues, but it is one big step closer.

Allocation Rule Change Strengthens NBA, D-League Affiliate Bond -- NBA FanHouse

In accordance with the NBA, the NBA Development League will implement a rule change with regard to how D-League rosters are assembled. Beginning this season, up to three players cut last from the roster of an NBA team before the D-League Draft will be allocated to that team's D-League affiliate provided they sign the standard D-League contract.

So how does this impact the Celtics?

NBDL allocation change and the C's - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

Boston is one team set to bring in upwards of 20 players for camp, already boasting a full 15-man roster, a non-guaranteed contract for Tony Gaffney, and three invites in Stephane Lasme, Jamar Smith, and Chris Johnson (another non-guaranteed contract, Oliver Lafayette, was reportedly waived Friday). If one of those younger players has a solid showing, but not enough to muscle their way onto the regular-season roster, it might help the Celtics hold onto their rights by assigning them to Maine. 

So now you know why Danny has been stock piling fringe players lately.  Glad to see the ties between the two leagues grow stronger.  I do think there's a need for a true minor league system for the NBA and this seems like a nice step in that direction.

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