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Von Wafer's Plan B Is China

It sounds more and more like that last roster spot will come down to a battle between Von Wafer and Tony Gaffney. Wafter, it seems, has a fallback plan should he get cut. " Zheijiang prefer Wafer over Alston

With Flip Murray expected to stay in the NBA this season, Zhejiang Guangsha has set their focus on signing one of either Von Wafer or Rafer Alston, according to ...He is seen to be competing with former UMASS standout, Tony Gaffney. If Wafer is cut, Zhejiang will move to formally negotiate a deal with him first. If Wafer remains a Celtic, however, the team will move onto Plan B, which is Alston.

Wafer has already spent some time overseas but it doesn't seem like that worked out so well. It is interesting that Von would be more highly sought than Skip To My Lou.

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