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Warriors Preview

Golden State nudged Don Nelson out the door just before camp.  That may be the right thing for the team long term, but some fans are wary of the replacement coach.

GSoM's 2010-2011 Golden State Warriors Preview: A new beginning, but is it smart? - Golden State Of Mind

However, there's a multitude of reasons to not be happy about Smart getting this gig. In terms of actual head coaching experience he doesn't exactly have the best track record. He was the Warriors "defensive coordinator" the past season and defense (aside from turnovers) was the Warriors downfall. The Warriors simply are a worse coached team under Smart than Nellie. Smart currently ranks in the very bottom in the ranks of NBA head coaches. I wouldn't be too surprised if this is a 1 year or interim head coaching gig. Point blank: Don Nelson could take this team to the playoffs. Keith Smart probably cannot. It's just asking way too much from him.

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