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Updates From Media Day

Media Day is here!  We've got our very own Jimmy Toscano reporting from Waltham and he's feeding us updates which we'll post here as the day progresses.

(Updates below are from Jimmy Toscano)

  • Bradley talked first- he's wearing number 0 because that's the number he wore in college. Switched from 11 to 0 in college because college was a new and fresh start for him.
  • Ray Allen came into camp weighing around 206 lbs. Said he ran more this offseason than he ever has and is in excellent shape. Glad to be back on the team for another run at the ring.
  • Danny Ainge is excited for the season. Glad to have Shaq and Jermaine on board and very excited about Delonte. Mentioned how hard it was to trade him for Ray but couldn't pass up on it.
  • Paul Pierce just spoke. Had a smile from ear to ear the entire time. Ready to get the season started with the new group of guys. Mentioned how excited he was to be able to play with Shaq. Didn't consider leaving the Celtics when he opted out. Just did it for cap purposes and for more years. Did mention that his decision to come back weighed heavily on whether Doc came back. If Doc came back he feels that ownership probably wouldn't have signed Ray back or went after Shaq. Asked how it would have felt to deal with a rebuilding stage all over again, Pierce said he probably wouldn't have been able to and would have ended his career as a Celtic.
  • Perkins on if he should be given his spot back: "Well I really don't want to answer this question because I don't want to start nothing, but really my spot is not up for grabs. When I come back I will be in my spot and everyone else will just have to adjust to it."

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