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Bucks Previews

Bogut and the boys have reloaded this summer, but will it be enough to compete?

Milwaukee Bucks Preview 2010/2011 - Brew Hoop

After surprising the league by winning 46 games and nearly toppling the Hawks in round one without Andrew Bogut, the Bucks' braintrust clearly wasn't content to stand pat, and they made that perfectly clear in the early hours of free agency on July 1. In short order, Salmons agreed to a five-year deal that included $33 million in guarantees, while Hammond also locked up the well-traveled Drew Gooden to a five-year fully guaranteed $32 million contract. That's a lot of money for a pair of guys unlikely to be earning their contracts three years from now, but it was a risk the Bucks were willing to take to get better now.  

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