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Boston Bench Mob (BBM)

It didn't take long for the Big Nicknamer to coin a new name. The Celtics bench is now known as BBM ("Boston Bench Mob"). So let it be tweeted, so let it be done.

And why not? This team's bench is the most talented and entertaining that we've seen in many a year. Doc Rivers calls it the best bench he's had "on paper." And since we're still talking theory and have no games to refer to, let's walk through a possession "on paper."

Nate Robinson pushes the ball up the court, dashing by the slower footed but taller opposing guard. He slows up to a walk after getting across the half court line and calmly waits for the play to develop. Delonte hesitates a second and takes off towards the baseline. Shaq sets a screen on the high post and he's so imposing that Marquis' defender can't even see him over O'Neal. Delonte's shorts brush Big Baby's as he runs tight off the baseline screen. The ball goes to the high post where Daniels sees a crowd, so he kicks it out to Delonte who just arrived in the corner. West doesn't have enough room (this time) to take the shot but he spots a rolling Shaq (how can you miss him?) headed to the bucket. He feeds the big fella the ball and Shaq doesn't even feel the defending big man on his hip. He does a half turn and puts up a soft baby hook that doesn't quite fall (this time). Thankfully Big Baby had sealed off his man and was the first to the rebound for a putback score.

You can picture it, can't you?  There are countless variations on this theme that you can imagine if you like.  Maybe Delonte takes that corner 3 or the ball gets swung back to Nate who creates his own shot or maybe even Marquis can find a window of space to put up a floater in the lane.  Whatever it is, at least we can hope it won't look like the bench last year that struggled at times to find someone (anyone) willing and able to score the ball.  Last year's crew was, at times, timid.  You won't be saying that about the BBM.

Now, I know that this squad won't be out there as a complete unit all the time.  But that only strengthens the imagery.  Replace Delonte with Ray Allen in that scene.  Replace Baby with KG (who you can just picture scowling at Ray's defender as he runs off the screen).  Or you could plug in Pierce for Daniels or the other O'Neal for Shaq and of course Rondo for Nate.  And I would argue that it might be a good idea some nights to use the BBM as a unit to give the starters as much rest as possible.

And when they are on the bench wouldn't you pay good money just to sit courtside and listen to those personalities cheer on their mates?  Nate (goofy), Delonte (creative), Baby (silly), and Shaq (entertainer) are going to be downright hilarious.  I don't think they'll be re-creating the LeBron dance parties over there, but they'll find a way to make us laugh once in a while.

The Celtics still boast one of the top starting fives in all the land.  Now they finally have a bench that you can measure up to any in the league.  This could be a lot of fun.

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