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Daily Links 9/5

Herald Spain holds off Greece
Globe History is on James’s side, says Robertson
US gets needed practice, expects to look sharper
CelticsBlog Delonte West Reuniting with Old Friends
CelticsLife Today's Video: Delonte "Lose Yourself" Mix
SQ #35--Talent and Character
Danny's Vision and Vindication
What the Hell Happened to...Andrew DeClercq?
Red's Army Austin Rivers is #1
C's Focusing Their Talents On South Beach, Not LA?
Lex Nihil Novi Larry v. Magic: Game 12 (part 14)

ESPN Shaq takes some swings
Times-Picayune: Q&A with Shaq
Shaq & Delonte
No starting lineup change for Team USA vs. Angola
Pro Basketball Talk Miami homeless advocates refusing free LeBron James gear from Cleveland
Still some big name free agents available, if you think they would help
Shaq says Cleveland was selfish, unlike Boston
Sun Sentinel ASK IRA: Will LeBron bump Wade from final introduction?
Boston Celtics gain strength at positions where Miami Heat are weakest.
North Station Sports My Delonte Dilemma
CLNS: Labor Day Special with Tas Melas and More!
NESN Which Head Coach Has the Toughest Job in Boston?
Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade Among Those Sued by Infamous Jonathan Lee Riches
Shaquille O'Neal Calls Out Mo Williams, Excited to Play for Unselfish Celtics Team
NOLA Q&A with NBA great Shaquille O'Neal on his future, the New Orleans Hornets, LSU
Fan House Anderson Varejao, No Longer With LeBron James, Preps for Argentina
Shaq Rips Mo Williams, Surprising No One
NY Post Isiah: LeBron should be Knick
Celtics Town Were the Celtics Shaq’s backup plan?
Shaq takes shot at Mo Williams
The 50 top college basketball dunks of all time
Gino's Jungle Silence of The Big Ticket
Boston Celtics Report Boston Celtics Rajon Rondo Has Many Critics: Another One Gets Torched
Perfect Practice One Step to Improved Shooting – Ray Allen
NBA News Update Watch Out Miami Heat: Five NBA Super Teams That Never Won a Title
Hoopsvibe Shaquille O’Neal: Why was Mo (Williams) taking 15 shots, and I'm only taking four?
Green Street Shaq calls out Cavs, Mo Williams
Blazers Edge Rating Rudy Fernandez In Spain vs. Greece at FIBA World Championships

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