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30Q: Does Luke Harangody Have A Role?

Danny Ainge has a knack for finding guys in the 2nd round that out-perform their draft position.  Luke Harangody was a star in college but seemed to have limited upside potential, so he was available for Danny with the 52nd pick.  Then he proved in the summer league that he at least belongs in this league.  But does he have a role on this team of veterans looking to win now?

The frontcourt appears to be crowded now that we've added two O'Neals and have the Big Ticket and Ticket Stub coming back.  Until Perkins gets back, there might be a few minutes here and there for Erden and Harangody to mop up at the end of the game, but that's not much of a role.

One variable might be how much Doc wants to experiment with Luke at the backup 3 position.  Obviously Doc used Scalabrine in that role from time to time, and Luke's game is comparable.  He can hit the outside shot and he has that intangible feel for "how to play the game."  It obviously isn't a long term solution because he doesn't have the athleticism to keep up with most 3's in the league.

At some point an injury might force Harangody into the rotation, and that is why you like to have depth on the roster.  But this team clearly doesn't have "develop the kids for the future" on the agenda.  If he can help us win now, he'll play.  Otherwise, he'll probably play in Maine.

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