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General Housekeeping Blog Stuff

Just wanted to take a minute during the break in the action to highlight a few items - mostly as gentle reminders to our community in an effort to maximize everyone's experience on the blog and keep things moving smoothly.

FanPosts, FanShots, and Forums (not to mention the Chat)

By now most newcomers should be pretty familiar with the comments under each blog post.  But I wanted to highlight the other ways to interact with the community here on CelticsBlog.  See these and other notes after the break.


  • FanPosts - these are intended to be user-generated blog posts.  In other words, anyone can be a blogger here on CelticsBlog.  No, we aren't adding any regular contributors at the moment but you are always welcome to write a FanPost and occasionally they get posted to the front page.  Note: if you are serious about blogging for this site or another one, this is a great place to start proving your chops as a writer.  Also note: there's a minimum word count for a reason - do not simply fill in with gibberish or your post will be deleted.  If you have a shorter post, use the FanShots or Forums instead.  Which brings us to...
  • FanShots - these are intended to be quick hit posts that usually share a quote, link, or video that you think people on the blog would be interested in.  Think of it as a way of sharing with your friends.
  • Forums - the forums have been on the site since long before we had FanPosts and FanShots, so we're a little unique within the SBNation community.  Most should be pretty familiar with forums by now and I consider our community to be one of the best around.  I think you'll find that the community of posters is very welcoming to newcomers and everyone respects each other's right to an opinion.  Also, to those still confused about FanPosts and FanShots, let me suggest that if your topic doesn't fit neatly into one of the above options, try the forums instead.  
  • Chat - you'll find that game nights are when you'll find the most people in the chat.  It is obviously a free flowing discussion of immediate interaction with other fans.

Also, a note on the comments under each front page blog post:  If you like someone's post, you are welcome to write "+1" in your reply (as many of you have taken to doing) but let me also point out that you have the ability to "rec" people's comments.  If 3 people "rec" a comment it turns green.  In a similar way, FanPosts get featured when 3 or more "rec" them.

On the flip side, if you see a post where someone is posting spam or cursing or making a personal attack on another poster, then feel free to "flag" the comment so a moderator can see it more quickly.  Note: we also don't allow trolls but please let moderators determine who is a troll and who isn't.  We enjoy and encourage other fans from other teams to post here, so long as they respect our community guidelines and make an effort to engage in respectful discussion.

If I missed anything, feel free to post a question in the comments below.

Thank you once again for being a great community and making the act of running this site an extremely enjoyable and rewarding one.

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