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I'm A Big Fan Of CelticsStuff Live

Most of you folks already know about CelticsStuff Live and you've seen the posts promoting the show.  However, I wanted you to hear this from me.  Not as someone that benefits from an affiliation with the show (though I do think it adds a wonderful element to the blog) but as a big fan of the show itself.

For those that haven't checked it out in a while, allow me to give my perspective of the show.  Justin "Jughead" Poulin and John Duke are the main voices on the show and they do a wonderful job of addressing all the latest news and information about the team as well as game commentary and analysis.  Frequently if I have writers block or run out of ideas, I'll listen to their show and come up with more ideas than I can write down.

As if that wasn't enough, they have some pretty amazing guests.  From "voices" like Mike Gorman and Sean Grande to beat writers like Steve Bulpett and Scott Souza to national writers like Ian Thomson and Kelly Dwyer.  The list goes on and most of them are regular repeat guests.

Of course that isn't where the fun ends either.  You have a chance to call in and contribute to the show as well.  Kind of like a radio call in show except you won't get talked over and cut off before you have a chance to make your point.  And if you are still a little shy but want to share a thought or two, there's always the chat room (sometimes called "the Pit") where you can interact with the hosts and other listeners during the show.

So, how can you experience this show?  That's the great part, just keep your eyes open for Jughead's show posts here on CelticsBlog.  Typically they have a main show on Sunday night and post game podcaps for select games during the week (which often feature our very own Jimmy Toscano).  You can also find their BlogTalkRadio site at

Enjoy the show!

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