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Hittin' The Road Soon (Boston Celtics Schedule)

Hopefully the Celtics can get back on track against the depleted and defeated Cavs. Because the schedule, which has been mostly favorable this month thus far, gets harder.

High-flying Celts fear looking down -

After hosting the Cavs, the Celts make their first journey to the West Coast, playing Portland, Phoenix, the Los Angeles Lakers and Sacramento in a six-day span beginning Thursday. That trip will begin a run that will see the C’s play 9-of-14 away from home — with only one of the road games (Feb. 7 in Charlotte) east of the Mississippi.

In case you missed the link that has always been at the top of this page, here's the full schedule.

Any of those games stand out to you? Perhaps the one against the Purple and Gold? And by the way, when they get back home in early February, things will really get interesting as they will face the Dallas Mavs, Orlando Magic, Miami Heat, and LA Lakers (again) in a span of 9 days (all at home this time). Should be fun.

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