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Shaq Will Miss Tonight's Celtics-Blazers Affair

Shaquille O'Neal will not play tonight, according to A. Sherrod Blakely. Shaq flew to Portland with the team, but will likely make his return tomorrow in Phoenix. That means Shaq should be ready for Sunday's game in LA, where he will hopefully be asking a certain Laker how his posterior tastes.

Marquis Daniels, who missed the previous game due to family issues, rejoined the team and will play tonight. The unofficial over/under on the amount of times Daniels changes expression tonight is set at one. I would advise choosing the under.

Though he looked good in his debut, Kendrick Perkins admitted to soreness afterward. Thankfully, the soreness is unrelated to the knee. More likely, it's the cause of the medical condition I like to call "not playing a basketball game for six months, then playing one." Once every six months, that illness gets the best of me. Perkins is okay, and hopes to play 20 minutes tonight.

Last, but certainly not least, the best news in the history of Western Civilization:

Bill Walton's announcing tonight's Celtics-Blazers game. Throw it down, big man.

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