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Back to Back Blues, or How Doc Checked Out Early and So Did I

This was one ugly game. Both the Suns and the Celtics started out slowly in the first quarter, and the Suns woke up first and pulled out to a big lead. Davis & Rondo left the game with injuries, and the game just kept going without

After that the Celtics didn't pull close until late in the fourth getting within 9 points late and then the fireworks started. KG got his feet underneath Channing Frye and appeared to hit him in a "sensitive area" with his arm. It didn't look deliberate to me, as KG was looking at the ball at that point. The ensuing chest bumping resulted in a lot of free throws and KG's ejection.

After that the benches were cleared and the C's put up the white flag. The technical free throws and ejection of KG meant it was game over, frankly I thought it was over before that. The C's never gave up despite their poor play, but they just didn't have it tonight.

Up next the Los Angeles Lakers Sunday afternoon.

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