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Panic! At The Forum

Now doesn't this just warm your heart?

Lakers' struggles have Kupchak ready to make moves |

The Lakers officially entered crisis mode Monday, when general manager Mitch Kupchak told that the recent poor play by the two-time defending champions may drive him to make a trade to shake up an underachieving roster. "Regarding a trade, I may have to," Kupchak said at the team's practice facility a day after the convincing loss to their heated rivals, the Celtics. "I'm not saying that I've made calls today or I'll make them tomorrow. But I just don't think that we're playing as well as our talent level should allow us."

The Magic have already made their desperation trades (which aren't working out too bad so far, but I'm still a skeptic). The Miami Heat don't have any room to make trades. And now the Lakers are ready to wheel and deal to try to find the right mix.

Now, if they can pull off another heist like they did when they got Gasol or resurrect another talented but troubled cast-off like Artest, then this will give me pause. But typically speaking, when the general manager is admitting that he's looking to make moves to shake things up, that's not a really good sign for the team. Which is a good sign for us.

Meanwhile, Danny Ainge has said a number of times that he's very happy with the roster as it stands, and for once I think most people believe him. Especially since we just added one big mid-season addition (Perkins) and will be adding another shortly (Delonte).

So, who do you think the Lakers will be targeting? Who would they be willing to dump on some witless GM give up in a trade?

Update: Zach Lowe asks the appropriate question: Who would take what they are selling?

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