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Delonte West expected back in 3 weeks...or not

UPDATE: According to ESPNBOSTON, 3 weeks is a bit premature.

"I think (the All-Star break) sounds about right," Ainge said. "He just got his cast off, so we have to see how it takes from here."


Good news regarding Delonte West:

Delonte had his cast removed today. Doctors say 3 weeks, then he is ready to play.

Delonte: "I had great news from the doctors today. Said, three weeks for the rehabiliation and ballhandling, and fortunately I am left handed anyway so I'm able to get shots off with my left hand."

Video and thoughts after the jump.


*All quotes from BostonCeltics youtube account

Delonte comes in about 1:40

Two things:

1) Von Wafer will play like a man posessed for the next three weeks, because he knows every minute he plays is a minute that would normally go to Delonte West. We should look for him to build on his impressive performance tonight.

2) Delonte West will watch every second and work harder for it, because he knows every minute Von Wafer plays is another minute spent in his shoes.

Rotation uncertainty at nearly halfway through the season may seem like a bad thing, but this team is no stranger to it, and has flourished because of it. If anyone thinks the dynamic between Glen Davis and Leon Powe was any different, you're nuts. Both guys want to be the first wing off the bench, and both guys are going to work harder because they know someone else is gunning for their job. It is as American as apple pie, and a little good ol' fashioned Darwinsim isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Props to forums user "ImShakHesShaq" for the update.

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