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Celtics Stuff Live: Marc Spears

Marc SpearsMarc Spears from Yahoo! Sports wll be joining us tonight to talk about the Celtics and provide some insight into the New Jersy Nets attempts to become players in the Eastern Conference with the acquisition of Carmelo Anothony.  The latest incarnation includes the acquisition of the Nuggets Chauncey Billups, who according to Spears' article today, does not like the trade:

While the New Jersey Nets have engaged the Detroit Pistons and Nuggets in trade conversations by proposing a deal that would send Anthony, Billups and Pistons guard Richard Hamilton to New Jersey, Billups’ agent made it clear Saturday that his client wants no part of such a move. So much so that he said Billups would seek a contract buyout if the Nets acquired him.

Billups has long said he hopes to retire with the Nuggets and eventually join their front office.

Also, for those of you who have been following our show over the past few years, you may recall the show when Marc mentioned that he had a script for a movie about Hurricane Katrina and the Superdome. One of our listeners got in touch with Marc and now it is a movie. You can view the trailer on facebook.

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