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KG Blogs About Recovery

Okay, so I'm sneaking in one more. I was perusing Twitter and came across this on ESPN BostonRed's Army also deserves some love for being the original discoverers. Apparently Kevin Garnett has a blog with ANTA - the Chinese sneaker/athletic company that he signed a deal with over the offseason. In his latest entry, Garnett discusses his recovery from his right calf strain. 

When I'm not playing, I hate talking hoops, so sorry for not blogging. You know how when you ain't a part of something, it hurts to talk about it. That's how I feel. Know what I mean?
Don't get it messed up, just cause I ain't playing don't mean I'm not working out. I'm working super hard and feeling good...After the game, Dr. looked at my leg and we're close. Real close to getting back...Pre game, I worked out at the arena in the Bull's workout room. Anytime I get to workout around another team, my gas gets going. I was killing the weights and wanted to play.

You can read Garnett's full blog post here. As Red's Army noted, the site itself is in Chinese, but apparently Google Chrome translates it. 

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