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Some Progress In Labor Negotiations

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Some updates for those interested.

NBA superstars highlight productive labor talks - The Boston Globe

According to Fisher and NBA commissioner David Stern, no new proposals were discussed. But Stern addressed the media last night with a definitive agenda, making it a point to dispel reports that he would cancel the entire season if a deal is not reached by this weekend. He also revealed that owners plan to triple their revenue-sharing amount to $180 million in the first two years of a new agreement and quadruple that number in the third year. Deputy commissioner Adam Silver said revenue sharing was one of three major issues that needed to be addressed, and that the players’ association was satisfied with the owners’ projections. The other two issues are the salary-cap structure and basketball related income (BRI).

There were also reports of Wade yelling at Stern and players storming out of the meeting, but apparently cooler heads prevailed after some time.  Also, it sounds like Pierce challenged Stern on the view that small market teams can't compete.  See more details here.

Update from Wojo on twitter today:

Twitter / @WojYahooNBA

From the NBA and union labor meeting today, there's been "progress" says source in the room. No details offered. Groups still meeting.