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First Two Weeks Of Season Cancelled

Twitter / @WojYahooNBA:

Stern: "we remain very, very apart on all issues."

Stern: "We have a gulf that separates us."

Stern: "With every day that goes by, there will be further reductions on what's left of the season"

GM just texted me: "Now it gets ugly. God help us."

Twitter / @KBergCBS:

Silver: What's separated us over the past two days are not economic issues, but the system.

Stern says it's logical to assume further cancellations would come in two-week increments.

Twitter / @ChrisMannixSI:

Stern hinted that offers only going to get worse for players.

I'm not sure how much more optimism I can muster at this point.  This could get real ugly real fast.

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