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Community Rankings: 11th Best Celtic Ever

Time to go back to the history books folks. Here is your top 10. The Chief was the last one voted onto the list, narrowly beating our Kevin Garnett.

  1. Bill Russell
  2. Larry Bird
  3. John Havlicek
  4. Paul Pierce
  5. Bob Cousy
  6. Kevin McHale
  7. Dave Cowens
  8. Tommy Heinsohn
  9. Sam Jones
  10. Robert Parish
Who should be next? For a refersher, take a look back at some of Roy's thoughts in his last post.

A full list of potential players follows after the break.

Those remaining:

00 Robert Parish
3 Dennis Johnson
5 Kevin Garnett
5 Bill Walton
6 Bill Russell
7 Tiny Archibald
8 Antoine Walker
9 Rajon Rondo
10 JoJo White
12 Don Chaney
14 Bob Cousy
15 Tom Heinsohn

16 Tom Sanders
17 John Havlicek
18 Bailey Howell
LOSCY Jim Loscutoff
18 Dave Cowens
19 Don Nelson
20 Ray Allen
21 Bill Sharman
22 Ed Macauley
23 Frank Ramsey
24 Sam Jones
25 KC Jones
31 Cedric Maxwell
32 Kevin McHale
33 Larry Bird
34 Paul Pierce

35 Paul Silas
35 Reggie Lewis
40 Dino Radja
43 Kendrick Perkins
44 Danny Ainge

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