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NBA Blog Previews: Washington Wizards

The Wizards have a bright future with John Wall, but they've got some growing up to do.

Washington Wizards 2011-12 Season Preview (You Know, In Case It Happens) - Bullets Forever

I'll offer this thought: The Wizards need to grow up. I’m reminded of a conversation I had in February with Tyson Chandler, after the Mavericks center went for a then-season-high 23 points and 13 rebounds opposite JaVale McGee. He said he was able to take advantage of McGee because he knew the Washington’s young center was eager to block every shot. One fake and Chandler went around him. I asked how you get passed that urge, and Chandler said it’s just something that comes with age, experience. I have a feeling it won’t be hard to tell if the Wizards are choosing to grow up this season.

At least they improved their uniforms and color scheme.  Now if only they could drop the Harry Potter name and go with something more patriotic.

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