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NBA Blog Previews: Detroit Pistons

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Sounds like Detroit fans are ready to clear the deck.

NBA Blog Previews 2011: Detroit Pistons | Pro Hoops Talk

Which Piston needs to be traded the most? It’s a tough question as an argument could be made for several players. From a locker-room perspective, it’s clearly Rip Hamilton. I won’t rehash his decline over the past few seasons, but he’s become an expensive irritant and a distraction. From a salary standpoint, it’s Ben Gordon. He’s a great scorer and has shown ability to make clutch shots, but he has over $37 million left on his contract over the next 3 years. He’s good, but that’s way too much money for a one-dimensional player on a rebuilding team. And Charlie Villanueva is clearly overpaid for a player who is essentially a 6-11 three-point specialist who doesn’t play defense.

Rip is a reminder of what they no longer are.  Gordon and Charlie V. are a reminder of buyer's remorse.

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