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Don't Blame KG For The Lockout

Not the lead negotiator. Deal with it.
Not the lead negotiator. Deal with it.

I've heard of some silly scapegoating before (chicken anyone?) but blaming Kevin Garnett for the breakdown in labor talks has to take the 50-50 cake.  Some folks were serious about it, while others were just having fun with it (caution language).  I personally think that everyone has gotten bored and has nothing better to do with their time (which I can appreciate, and I do love a good photoshop).  Thankfully, Steve Bulpett sheds some light on the matter. - Blogs: Celtics Insider

And, by the way, while Garnett’s anger didn’t help move things closer that day, word from league sources is that his effect on the talks is being overblown.

Shocking, I know.

Besides, I think Billy Hunter knew exactly what he was doing.  You don't send a pitbull into a pet store unless you want there to be a ruckus.  It isn't like cooler heads had a deal ironed out and KG took a chainsaw to the table.  It is a fun visual, but not very factual.

Update: In other news, Wyc Grousbeck isn't quite the "hawk" he was early in the process. - Blogs: Celtics Insider » Big role for Grousbeck in NBA process

It’s also interesting to learn from sources that the Celtic leader may not be quite the hardliner portrayed in some accounts. “He’s been pretty quiet,” said someone who’s been involved in the meetings. “Put it this way, he’s certainly not as involved verbally as he was in previous years.”

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