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Little Progress Despite 16 Hours With Mediator

This isn't encouraging. The only thing that gives me hope is that they agreed to meet again today instead of cancelling more games.

Labor talks to continue after little progress - NBA - Yahoo! Sports

NBA owners and players will resume their labor negotiations with a federal mediator on Wednesday following a 16-hour session that generated minimal progress, a league source involved in the talks told Yahoo! Sports. The league and players union emerged from their longest labor meeting of the 111-day lockout "still not anywhere near a deal," a league source said. Representatives from both sides refused to comment publicly on the nature of talks, citing a gag order from mediator George Cohen.

The gag order is probably a good thing, but it means even less information to go on as a blogger and fan. So I guess we'll see when we see. - After 16-hour session, NBA talks to resume this morning

Sources now say that the biggest victory of this exercise may be the fact things did not break off. “I would not read anything else into it,” said one source from the room. “It was positive in that it did not blow up and we’re going to meet again.” The negotiations have gotten contentious at several recent points, but Cohen helped steer through the discord by keeping the sides separated for stretches.

Awesome. So basically like when I put my kids in "time out" when they've been bad. I like that.

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