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NBA and Players Make Some Progress

They are inching their way along, but at least they are moving.

NBA owners, players closer on revenue split - NBA - Yahoo! Sports

As long expected, the two sides have moved closer to a "50-50 split, give or take a point with ranges based on revenue performance," one source said. While the league’s owners and players made progress in Wednesday’s 8½-hour mediation session, one source involved in the talks was hesitant to characterize it as a "breakthrough" moment, saying system issues could again derail talks.

This reminds me of being stuck in a traffic jam.  You don't see any reason why the traffic should be stopped, but there you sit.  It is most frustrating when you are at a complete stop because even if you are only going an inch at a time, at least you are closer to the goal (though when you think about it, not much).  You can get traffic reports, but when you are stuck in the middle of it with no near exit ramp, they don't do much more than frustrate you.  Then all of a sudden, out of the blue, the traffic breaks and you are flying along at (or above) the speed limit.  Sometimes you see a few bent up cars pulled off the road and understand what happened.  But mostly you don't care, you just are too excited about moving on.

I don't care how this wreck is cleared off the road, I just want basketball back.

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