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NBA Blog Previews: Los Angeles Clippers

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I admit, I don't know much about the Clippers other than the fact that Blake Griffin dunks well.  I also knew that they had Ryan Gomes, an old favorite of mine.  How's he doing lately?  Not so well.

2011-2012 Los Angeles Clippers Season Preview - Clips Nation

There is probably no team in the league with a more glaring need than the Clippers - they need a small forward. They'd love an impact player at the position, but really, anything above dismal would be a significant improvement over last season. Ryan Gomes was signed as a free agent (you know, to soften the blow of losing out on LeBron James) and was the ostensible starter at the position (starting 62 games) and proceeded to have the worst year of his career, setting career lows in almost every significant category. He was one of the least productive starters in the entire league, ranking 6th in lowest PER for players who started at least half of the games.

Yeek.  I don't know if it is the Clipper system or the pressure of being a starter or if he's really just not as good as I remember him, but he's certainly not doing well in la-la land.

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