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Paul Pierce: 8th Biggest Flopper

Selling it.
Selling it.

The Orlando Sentinal is apparently running a list of the top floppers in the game and Paul Pierce makes the list.  He does have a flair for the dramatic when pin-balling through the lane.

Boston Celtics SF Paul Pierce: Paul Pierce is the 8 -

What makes him a noted flopper: Pierce certainly has a knack for drawing contract, looking like he is taking on machine-gun fire when he is driving through defenders. His head-band seems to fly off his head easily, adding to the theatrics needed to persuade a ref to blow his whistle. Pierce also is a master of head-faking defenders off their feet.

The funny thing is that they don't even mention the rip-through move, where he takes his arms and rips them through a defender's arms just to get a foul call.  It used to tick me off to no end to see Reggie Miller use the kick-out-trip move and get free throws from it, but I gotta say I'm much happier when the guy on my side is doing it.  (waiting for some Laker fan to make a "wheelchair" comment in 3... 2... 1...)

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