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Talks Break Down, Finger Pointing Starts

This is not good news.  Not good news at all.

NBA labor talks break off - NBA - Yahoo! Sports

After three days of mediation, labor talks between NBA owners and players once again broke down, further jeopardizing the league’s 2011-12 season. No future meetings are currently scheduled.

Billy Hunter is calling out owners by name and ripping them to shreds in the media as we speak.  I'll post some quotes soon.

Looking like more games will be cancelled and I'm really worried about the whole season at this point.


Lockout update: Labor talks have broken up

“A couple things we heard coming out here were just not true,” Fisher said.    Hunter said the union proposed a floating band for the revenue split, with the players having the assurance their share would not drop below 50 percent, and the owners having the protection that it would not rise above 53 percent. When that notion was rejected, Hunter said the owners refused to continue talking.   “We asked is this a ‘take it or leave it?’ ” Hunter said. “They said ‘Yeah, that’s basically what it is.’

Dan Gilbert Probably Isn't Too Trustworthy - From Our Editors -

[Billy] Hunter says Cavs owner Dan Gilbert kept telling him to "trust him" that they would come up with system agreement if union agreed to 50-50 Hunter's response: "Why should I trust you?"

Twitter / @WojYahooNBA:

For all the momentum that had taken shape, the trust in these labor talks has been obliterated. Never been worse between the sides. Never.

I don't know how they come back from this before Christmas, if at all.

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