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NBA Blog Previews: Cleveland Cavs

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Note: That's Baron Davis on the right in the lumberjack outfit.  I have no words.

What is Cleveland Cavs basketball without LeBron James?  Well, it isn't pretty, but there is some pieces to build on.

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The Cavaliers actually do have a couple strengths. They are absolutely loaded at Point Guard right now and they have some decent depth at PF as well. At PG, the Cavaliers definitely need to figure out how they want to play this out, but right now they have Kyrie Irving, Baron Davis, Ramon Sessions, and Daniel Gibson. Now, Gibson has been working on transitioning to more of a true SG,  but that’s still a work in progress. But in general, the Cavaliers have four guys who can handle the PG job. If there’s an amnesty clause to the CBA, there’s a chance Baron Davis will be the casualty in Cleveland, but for now he is saying the right things about the opportunity to mentor Irving. In a perfect world, Baron Davis would mentor Irving (I can’t believe I just wrote that, but it’s kinda true) for this year and then next year the Cavaliers could use his expiring contract in a trade. That would leave Irving and Sessions as a very capable PG duo. It’s unlikely Sessions would accept that role, though, and one of these PGs will be gone. For right now, though, PG is a strength of the Cavaliers.

What Happens If The Cavs Miss the Whole Season? - Fear The Sword

Apart from the rookies and new pieces that the Cavaliers have added to the roster this offseason, they still have a number of veteran players that the lockout will affect. Will Baron Davis get really really fat without organized workouts? Antawn Jamison and Anthony Parker are both getting up there in years and a lost season would definitely hurt them as they aren't getting any younger. 

That's all well and good, but it sounds like they'll be "waiting for next year" for a few years yet.

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