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Be An Active Reader

Just a instructional note/reminder.  You are here, in the sport's darkest days, checking in and looking for lost souls like yourself that can't imagine a year without basketball.  Thank you for that by the way.

But I also wanted to encourage you to keep interacting.  Take things off topic in the comments.  Create your own content and discussion points.  Tell me what you'd like to read about more.  Or take a stab at it yourself in the FanPosts (Tommy Points to C'sFanfrmNy and drza44 for doing just that this weekend).  Or if you have a quick quote, link, or video you want to share with the class, post a FanShot of it.

Also, if you are usually a front page poster, please check out the forums (and vice versa) for a change of pace.

Or if you are more passive aggressive, don't forget you can "rec" a post or comment that you agree with or like.  With 3 rec's, the comment turns green.  There's also an option to flag a comment for mods to review (though you all seem to do a great job keeping a family friendly atmosphere - again, thank you very much).

Lastly, don't forget to "Like" our facebook page and "follow" us on twitter.

Or don't do any of this, and keep reading silently in the background if that is more your style.  I'm cool with that.  I just want to encourage you all because I think a lot of you have great points of view that would enrich our community.


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