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Blogger Jay King Tries Out for D-League Team

Fellow blogger Jay King of CelticsTown (who also writes for Mass Live) tried out for the Springfield Armor yesterday.  See the link for his full account of the day.

Dreaming of fame, glory and game-winning shots with the Springfield Armor |

Every participant at the Springfield Armor open tryouts Sunday at Springfield College had his own story and reason for being there. There were the hopefuls, the hopeless, and those that didn’t yet know they were hopeless. Three years after quitting my Skidmore College team and competitive basketball forever, my editor asked me to try out. I agreed immediately, dreaming of fame, glory and game-winning three-pointers. Then I looked in the mirror to see what I’ve become. Consider me one of the hopeless.

Hats off to Jay for trying though.  Fun to be reminded just how hard it is to play this game at a high level.  Far too easy to sit behind a laptop and criticize people for things like "effort" and "heart" when you don't have to put the sweat every day, or fight through the bumps and bruises on every play.

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