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Matching Trades To Become Easier

I don't like the restriction in the rules that states that you have to match salaries, but at least it seems like the sides are going to loosen the restrictions somewhat.

NBA Lockout Talks Result In Shorter Restricted Free Agency Window, Loosened Trade Rules -

The other tweak nearly agreed upon would loosen up trade rules. Under the old system, teams over the salary cap had to send out contracts worth roughly the same annually as those coming in -- the window there is 125 percent plus $100,000. The union has pushed to expand that wiggle room to up to 225 percent; the league has agreed to open it up a bit, but only to 150 percent. One assumes a deal point can be found between.

Well, that's something.  They will also likely reduce the number of days a restricted free agent needs to wait before the home team has to decide to match an offer sheet or not.  That also seems good.

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